Behavior and Cheetah

Topics: Behavior, Innovation, Psychology Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: July 14, 2012
According the previous section we discussed that to resolve Cheetah problems we strongly suggest that they uses technical change and behavioral change in their organization development intervention strategies that can be use to resolve their problem. In order to resolve the issue more effectively there may be some changes need to be implied in both intervention strategies to help the company improve in long term. In technical change, Cheetah Holdings Berhad must adapt three main steps during the development process which is technological development, technological achievement, and technological progress (A.K.A invention, innovation and diffusion of technology). In order to develop in long term succession planning Cheetah Holding Berhad must follow the step of 1st invention, 2nd innovation and 3rd diffusion. In the first step technological development (invention), Cheetah needs to invent something new that could provide them better competitive advantages. As mention earlier they may require to invent new machine for the manufacturing process that could produce higher quality and more efficient production of product, for example new blending machine, dyeing machine, printing machine and etc to produce a more attractive sports apparel clothing in a faster speed compared to the old machine. Moving on to the second step is technological achievement (innovation) that means Cheetah could develop new idea and technology that are different from their competitors which provide products that is above customer expectation to gain competitive advantage for their products. They could develop a new e-commerce system in their company website so that customer can buy their product just by ordering through the internet which is convenient as customer can purchase anytime and anywhere they want. Besides that, to produce a more innovative product they may need to raise the fund for their R&D department, marketing department and design department because this three department are...
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