Bath Bombs

Topics: Acetic acid, Vinegar, Carbonate Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: October 9, 2013

Bath Bombs Lab

Bath Bombs Lab – Orange
Octyl Ethanoate (C10H20O2)

Lab apronTest-tube rack
Goggles500 mL beaker
1 mL OctanolHot plate
1 mL Ethanoic acidPipet and bulb
Graduated CylinderEvaporating dish
2 mL concentrate H2SO42 test tubes

Procedure – Preparing the ester
1. A hot-water bath was prepared by filling a 500 mL beaker with water and heating it carefully on a hot plate until it came to gentle boil.

2. One mL of octanol was pipetted into a test tube.

3. In the fume hood, a pipet was used to carefully add 1 mL ethanoic acid and concentrated H2SO4 to the tube to mix.

4. The test tube was carefully returned to the lab bench and placed in a hot-water bath. After about 5 minutes of heating, the test tube was removed from the bath and put back in the rack.

5. The contents of the test tube were poured into an evaporating dish half filled with cold water.

6. A transfer pipet was used to put the ester in a clean test tube.

Citric acid, 20 mLCornstarch, 20 mL
Sodium bicarbonate, 65 mLEster (fragrance), several drops Vegetable oil, 30 mL400 mL beaker
Stirring rod250 mL beaker
250 mL graduated cylinder

Procedure – Making the bath bomb
1. In the large beaker, 20 mL of citric acid was mixed together with 20 mL of cornstarch, and 65 mL of sodium hydrogen carbonate.

2. In the small beaker, 30 mL of vegetable oil and a few drops of the ester were mixed for fragrance.

3. The contents of the small beaker were poured into the large beaker and mixed well with a stirring rod.

4. The mixture was formed into a two balls. The bath bombs were set on a sheet of wax paper and allowed to dry completely.

5. The bath bombs were packaged and stored in a plastic bag.
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