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Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT culture, Homophobia Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: October 10, 2013
 And the Band Played on Essay There were many obstacles in the overall research of the disease AIDS. Many encounters occurred such as gay pride, protesters, rivalry, lying and budgets. This disease was a scare and disaster to everybody but nobody knew how to take the right steps with it. Mistakes were made such as comments at the meetings, sending things to France, or approaching the gays in certain ways which cause complications in the research and development. Information to the public also was hard to give because of how uncivilized people would become about the situation.

The number one thought for AIDS was the gay bathhouses. When this went public, there was an excessive amount of controversy and rebellion. Gays were offended, and could not believe such a horrific disease was caused just because of them. It was scientifically proven that the disease was sexually transmitted, and even though the majority of the cases were linked to gays, they still did not support the idea of closing the bathhouses. Since the bathhouses were voted to stay open, more and more people started becoming exposed to AIDS so that was a major set back. There were doctors who supplied infected blood into patients and did not even tell the patient. This caused people who weren’t gay, or involved with bathhouses to get the disease and doctors just tried to cover it up saying they were common post surgery symptoms. This spread the disease even more making the discovery to treatment a lot more difficult.

People were so involved and high strung about their gay pride that they would not listen to the CDC. They protested and kept doing things that the CDC said was a possible cause of the disease. They put their gay pride before finding the cure to the disease which made it so hard for anyone to explain what the disease actually is, how it infected the person, or how to prevent it. In the movie someone stated, “This is not a political issue....
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