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Topics: New product development, Innovation, Product management Pages: 3 (502 words) Published: May 28, 2013
When completing the assignment it should have the following general structure: * Title page
* Executive summary, abstract or synopsis
* Contents page(s)
* Question I
* Question II
* Conclusions
* Reference
* Appendix

Please pay particular attention to the following:
* The executive summary should be no more than one paragraph, but it should excite interest for a reader, other than the assessor, to read the whole. * Ensure that the contents page precisely reflects the whole content of the reporting including the executive summary and appendices. * Page numbering: Ensure that the contents page accurately reflects the position of the contents. Page numbers prior to the ‘introduction’ should be roman numerals. From the introduction onwards page numbering should be Arabic. * Bibliography should be listed according to the Harvard convention with authors listed in alphabetical order.

Question 1

Based on the case study above, critically evaluate the considerations in new product development and apply Pearson’s uncertainty map in the strategy for the successful commercialization of a new product.

Format Answer:
The question requires the student to evaluate how successful Nintendo Wii has been in meeting the needs of today’s gaming through new product development. The answer here is dependent on the student’s ability to analyse and evaluate the case study. The students are expected to make reference to retail marketing mix in their answer. Students’ answer should include the following or other equivalent answers: -

Considerations when developing new product strategy:
i. Ongoing Corporate Planning
ii. Ongoing Market Planning
iii. Ongoing Technology Management
iv. Opportunity Analysis/Serendipity
v. Market Penetration
vi. Market Development
vii. Product Development
viii. Diversification...
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