Assignment 1 Innovation Matrix

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Innovation Matrix

Name: Mohamed Masood
ID: 20132170
Course: Creative and Innovation
Year: 2014 – 2015

Table of Contents
Executive Summary2
Business Innovation Process4
Innovation Matrix5
Analysis of Innovation6
Initiators of Innovation8
Organization’s Portfolio of Innovations 9
Problem Analysis and Measures 10

Executive Summary
The technological is a major turning point in the life of communities and nations, it was preceded by some communities and other nations in how much they benefited from this revolution, dropping advanced and sophisticated, rich and powerful actor. In countries which have taken advanced science and technology slogan used to discredit the bounties of developing countries, and the means used are new and innovative is not the counterparty earlier era. In addition, societies today live on a number of levels a lot of competition and rivalry and collision due to differences in the interests of individuals and peoples before, and are used in order to reach the goals in such areas a lot of effort and heavy time's abundant and large amounts of money. Hereby in my report, I will include the matrix of innovation and the implementation of this matrix in UAE organizations, with the benefits and advantages of innovation ideas to gain competitive advantages in the market. Regarding the changes that took place within modern societies included many levels dealing with all aspects of life. In order to meet the complex thorny situation and find solutions to intractable problems organizations need to be innovative.

Innovation can be defined as new ideas and useful and connected to dissolve certain problems or assembly and re-installation of known patterns of knowledge in the form of a unique, not only innovation on the technical advances because it does not include the development of commodities and related processes and market preparation, but beyond also machinery, equipment and methods manufacturing and improvements in the organization itself. The researches about innovation and creativity are introducing different models and ideas about the integration between these concepts, the seeking of linking leadership and management with the innovations and creativity with the context of change. The important emphasis will be on resolving the unnecessary and unproductive distinction created between management and leadership, and when aiming the transformation and growth, all organizations will need all innovative skills (Albizu, 2004). Traditional organizations are conceived of leadership as heroic rescuers, and focus on the real leaders to move them through the difficult times, many studies pointed to organizations that became cynical about this objective and explained the needs of recognizing the leadership practices (Buckland, 2003). The creativity in organizations has been handled as a gifted few, according to this the development and implementation of innovation strategies has become very limited, the changes beyond the view of creative talents given to specific persons rather than the application of innovative strategies in business. There is important need to find the alternatives in applying the spectrum of creative talents all over the organization structure (Tushman, 1997).

Business Innovation Process
Changing circumstances faced by organizations today, whether political or cultural circumstances, social or economic, which makes it imperative for organizations to respond to these changes in a creative manner to ensure the survival of the organization and its continuation. Necessitates artistic creativity and technological in goods and services and production methods and the short life cycle of organizations to respond to this technological revolution and it take from changes in the structure of the organization and its management in creative ways as well, enabling it to increase their profits and...

References: Product Innovation
This type of innovation includes wide area of innovation, the products are considered obvious innovation application, and according to Dyson (1997) product innovation is a dual cyclone used to create new efficient products
Process Innovation
The process innovation is not the main concern of the final consumers, it is only important for the organizations, it has bigger impact on the operations and the production processes of the products for the customers (Chapman, 2002)
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