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Langdon Winner Artifacts/Ideas and Political Culture



Item: No Innovation Without Representation

Langdon Winners discussion of this topic was to reveal an idea that is quite prevalent, but kept in the dark. He presents the blatant truth that many times technological changes in society are made without input from the persons that will be affected by those changes. The purpose of this discussion was simply to redirect enlighten the reader, and then to redirect the readers thinking as it relates to how we implement change.

This information is listed in the passage of Winners three guiding maxims. Winner states “This suggest that all groups and social interest likely to be affected by a particular kind of technological change ought to be represented at the very early stage” this is a major assertion. This is to say that people have been left out of the planning stages of innovation. Winner also gives the idea that we should “change our institutions”. What he projects is that we should change our institutionalized processes rather than continuing in a downward spiral of creating patterns of techno-feudalism.

The most important claim is simply put, relevant parties to technological change have been previously kept in the dark as major changes that will affect them are being made. As well these changes will be imposed on them rather than developed with them.


Winner’s discussion of this particular item is quite clear the assertions made are true. However to be clearer he could have added in this passage as well regarding Artifact/Ideas. This is to say that technology is being developed independently of the persons affected because of the greed that capitalism interjects into our society. The ill will, and narrow mindedness of the developers is being imposed upon society for their personal gain.

The Authors discussion does achieve the goals that I believe were intended....
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