Apple Innovation Proposal

Topics: Apple Inc., Innovation, IPhone Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: April 2, 2013
DATE: 26-Feb-2013
TO: Jason Bermiller
FROM: Jessica Soppit, Sandeep Mukkamala, Brandon Harris
Here is the proposal you requested. In this report we will analyze Apples innovation strategy, and the steps that have made them successful.
Apple is one of the leader’s in terms of market capitalization. It lead’s the global technology market by developing innovative products such as the Mac, iPhone, and the iPad, which redefined the entire technology market

1. Introduction
2. Apple’s Innovation Approach

2.1 Product Innovation
2.2 Innovation in customer experience.
3. Study and analyze the factors that contributed to creativity and innovation at Apple. 4.

Innovation Leadership at Apple
4.1 Role of Steve Jobs in innovation at Apple
4.2 Employee work management


Recommendations on Future Innovation Strategy (Appleinnovation)

We will conduct our research through library databases, business magazines, and online research. We expect to cover the success of innovation at Apple. With wide spread production and continuation of new products, Apple is a top competitor in the technological world. We will look at the strategies that Apple could follow to meet its customer expectations through innovation. The biggest challenge we face is giving recommendations to Apple on how to innovate further. (AppleNews, 2013)

After conducting our research we will make suggestions to look beyond what the Apple industry is right now. We plan on looking into the production of new products to attract a different range of customers. (Forbes)

The following work schedule has been designed to implement a timeline for our completed formal report:


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