Ap English Composition Adversity Essay

Topics: Innovation, United States, Skyscraper Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 12, 2013
It is no secret that without afflictions and hardships, humanity would be nothing. Since prehistory, both people and animals alike have been shaping themselves to achieve things previously thought to be impossible. From new technological innovations to simple changes in lifestyle, adversity elicits talents that may have lain dormant for one’s entire life in more prosperous circumstances the same way adrenaline unlocks superhuman abilities when danger arises.

Changing times and new societal problems have led people to accomplish amazing things. It is nearly impossible to see something that would have been here without the challenges that had caused the need for it. Two-hundred years ago the average man would work backbreakingly hard for what is now considered poverty. Year after year, decade after decade, humanity has strived to accomplish unimaginable things. The family of five living in a one room apartment inspired the skyscraper, and today’s victims of cancer are inspiring the cure. Americans did not begin investing in green energy until the United States suffered from rising oil prices, just as industry did not become prominent until agriculture was no longer sufficient for the economy. Slaves created the cotton gin, and those slaves’ descendants led the fight towards abolishment and civil rights. All parents agree on the desire to have their children live better lives than them, and although not all are fortunate enough to succeed in this, even these failed attempts have the same goal behind them. The situations people are born into lead them to create a better world for those who come after them.
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