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Topics: Strategic management, Innovation, Management Pages: 3 (690 words) Published: February 8, 2015

Innovation and strategic management annotated bibliography
Aaron Smith
December 16, 2014
Shad Slaughter
Innovation and strategic management annotated bibliography
The purpose of this paper is to provide an annotated bibliography of three articles that deal with innovation and strategic management. And will include a review from the author’s perspective on current trends being shaped by innovation and specific aspects of innovation influencing strategic management. Innovation strategy: 4 key tactics of top growth companies

The article covers the four practices of successful growth. Finding the next S-curve, lean on customers, think like a designer, and lead the way are the four areas that are focused on. The practice of finding the next S-curve explains that innovation has a time window, and is directly related to revenue. With continuous innovation, a company’s chance of hitting and staying within the window increases dramatically. The practice of lean on customers directly relates to gaining an understanding of the customer. It points out tools to use, such as creating a customer empathy map. Lean on customers creates a lean approach to product innovation. The think like a designer practice involves using innovation to create new options. This includes using Blue Ocean Strategy which is the search for uncontested market space and the business model canvas which is the nine building blocks for business. The lead the way practice involves making innovation a priority and those innovative leaders should be role models. Current innovative companies are used as examples for each practice. These include Amazon, Apple, IBM, and Starbucks (Power, 2014-15).  Elements of a successful innovation roadmap

This article covers innovation with Rapid Innovation Cycle (RIC). RIC leads to a higher success rate, by showing a repeatable process. It is an introduction to a work shop. Product, business models, and processes can benefit from this road map....

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