Analysis of the Preindustrial, Industrial, and Postindustrial Societies

Topics: Sociology, Society, Innovation Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: June 18, 2013
There are many types of societies, but three of the most prevalent types are the preindustrial, industrial, and postindustrial. The preindustrial society is very limited by its agricultural focus. Industrial societies use advances in technology and mass production to support a large population with three distinct social classes. In postindustrial societies the focus shifts from mass production to technological innovation.

Preindustrial societies are primarily agricultural, and because of this there is little variation of social classes. The production of goods was limited by the agricultural nature of these societies, which left little time for much else. Due to a lack of fast communication between communities, the cultures didn’t mix and any technological advancement was not shared.

Agricultural based societies were replaced with industrial societies which were based on the use of machines to produce goods. Industrial societies are constantly changing thanks to technological innovations, so fast communication is essential. People started living in cities and urban areas, and began working specialized jobs. New medical technology and improved living conditions extended life expectancy. Family became less important, and the influence that religion once had started to diminish.

In postindustrial societies the sale of goods is replaced by services as the main form of economic activity. Knowledge becomes essential as innovation begins to drive the economy. The value of the blue-collar worker declines, as the value of skilled professionals increases.

These are the three most widespread types of society. The preindustrial society relies on agriculture. Industrial societies use advancements to support a large population with specialized workers. Postindustrial societies focus technological innovation to run the economy.
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