Analysis of Metamorphoses

Topics: Zeus, Earth, Jupiter Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: February 20, 2013
“Metamorphoses” by Ovid starts out with the creation of the world. He writes of the creation of the land, the air, and the sea coming into place. There were some points he makes that seem out of place however. He says the Gods made the earth round on each side and that the world was a sphere. For the next thousand years, this is a highly contested idea and if somebody were to say the earth was round, it was blasphemous and they were sent to prison. Also, he writes of how there are two ice areas on either side of the world, with the hot desert in between them. I can only assume this means he knows of the lands to the north (the arctic), but I am left wondering how he knows of the Antarctic south of Africa. Next, he writes of the creation of Man. This section of the text was much more confusing and there are many references that I did not understand. He talks of the race of bronze and the race of iron, which I presume is the different times when men would use those two materials (bronze came first and the more advanced iron next). The next section is the Flood. This flood is very reminiscent of the flood that takes place in the bible, or the story known as “Noah’s Ark’. Jupiter called on his brother Neptune to unleash the seas, to unbar his doors holding the water back. He does this, and with the winds and rain eventually the entire world is flooded. It describes how the dolphins are living in the trees and the birds could not even find a resting place and would eventually fall into the sea. After this flood is the story of Deucalion and Pyrrha. These two were stranded on a raft during the flood, and survived it. They were the sole two remainders of the human race. Seeking aid, they went to seek guidance from Themis. She said that they must cast aside their mom’s bones, and they interpreted this as the earth being their mother. They threw stones, and the stones morphed into more people. During this creation of life, Earth began to grow again. However, an enormous...
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