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Lecture 5
Planning a lesson for young learners.
Writing lesson plans is one of a teacher’s most important responsibilities. Having a good lesson plan makes the teacher’s job easier and allows students to learn as much as possible while enjoying the material. These are the tips for writing lesson plans: 1. Have a clear objective and write it down

When writing ESL lesson plans it is really important to have a clear objective. This should not be something vague like “students will learn the present simple tense” but rather something very specific, such as “students will be able to talk about their likes and dislikes using the present simple tense and new vocabulary words”. Having a good lesson plan written down allows the teacher to refer to it and make notes and adjustments throughout the class. 2. Plan a warm-up

The warm-up can be as simple as posing a question for conversation, talking about a visual such as a picture, or a quick review of the last class’s material. The warm-up should not take more than 10% of the total lesson time. 3. Make lessons fun, visual and interactive

Students learn more when they are interested and motivated and a main idea behind good lesson plans should be creating lessons that students find fun. Adding visual and interactive elements to your lesson plans is a great way to raise the fun factor, as well as increase the likelihood that your students will remember the content. 4. Always have an educational focus

Sometimes teachers get so caught up in making fun lessons that they forget about their objectives and the need for educational lesson plans. Every lesson a teacher gives should include an educational focus. 5. Try to incorporate the 4 skills

All good lesson plans should touch upon each of the four skills, as well as others such as pronunciation and grammar. Each individual lesson will likely focus on only one or two of these points, but a well rounded lesson will somehow incorporate all 4 of the English skills. 6. Be...
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