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Question 2 : What differentiating strategies did Airbus adopt in order to survive and succeed over the past few decades?
Differentiation strategy :
The question remain that what differentiation strategy did Airbus employ in order to succeed over the past few decades? Indeed Airbus adopted strategy of a differentiation strategy corresponds to the development of a product or service that offers unique attributes and that are valued by customers and that customers perceived to be better than of different from the products of the competition. We will describe the main sections where Airbus employed its differentiation strategy. I) Innovation

This innovation strategy of Airbus is visible in 2 areas:
* The product innovation:
Production innovation takes a main place in the innovation strategy important for the survival of the existent in the cruel aerospace environment. Many surveys show the importance of Research and Development for Innovation. Indeed the surveys proved that investment in this function of the business would affect profit marginal in a positive way. The product innovation is very present in Airbus Company In fact, in 20 years, Airbus was able to create a product portfolio that equaled what it took Boeing at least 35 years to achieve in development.

* Advanced Technology and aircraft design.
Design plays a important role in Airbus’ innovation. Indeed Design is involved in producing products that are unique in design and architecture as the fuselages and the cockpits. Also , The current position of Airbus in the market is largely due to the introduction of advanced technologies that would better meet the needs of competition and customer expectations. The constant maintenance of a technological advance is one of the main priorities of Airbus that requires answers to various competitive challenges : • Improve security of flights and passengers,

• provide improved conditions for passengers comfort at lower cost, • Reduce air...
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