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What was Advents initial strategy
1.Corporate strategy: manufacturing specialized electronic products for home entertainment use, focus on specialized areas of the audio market. 2.Business strategy: Company is using differentiation focus strategy, consider innovation and quality are the key elements. 3.Facilitate differentiation strategy: Advent use existing innovations. 4.Marketing and distribution strategy: Marketing management is an autonomous activity which emphasis on “ continually optimizing its position” through production efficiency and rapid response to daily marketing problems rather than responding to a long-range plan. What are Advents strengths and weaknesses

1.With the centralized structure, the company could make quick decisions as long as the company was small. 2.Advent had operated in market with almost no competition. 3.The experience, knowledge and reputation of Mr. Kloss - president of the company. 4.Strong innovative capabilities and internal-external scanning mechanisms helped the company to continuously add more unique features to exisiting producs and reap the first mover advantage. 5.Since the 5 main product of the company were developed in sequence sticking on audio field, company’s knowledge was cumulatively accumulated. Weaknesses

1.Product development was mostly based on one person’s decision. 2.Products of the company were not based on market needs so ti was more risky than those based on customers’ expectations. 3.Production itself was typical of the small manufacturers in the industry. 4.Since Advent mostly bought technology for product development from others, it is quite difficult to guarantee if that technology could be really adjusted to fit Advent product innovation purpose. What are Advents Distinctive Technological Competencies

1.Ability to aggregate existing components in response to a perceived customer need. 2.Ability to leverage knowledge and sensitivity to market trend, technological progress. 3.Ability...
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