10 rules for managing global innovation

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Transnational Management
“10 Rules for Managing Global Innovation” by Keeley Wilson and Yves L. Doz - Harvard Business Review, October 2012

This is a review of the HBR article “10 Rules for Managing Global Innovation” for the authors Keeley Wilson and Yves L. Doz . Keeley Wilson is a senior research fellow at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France .Yves L. Doz is the Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation at INSEAD. INSEAD is ranked the 5th best business schools for an average of three years period by the Financial times ranking. “10 Rules for Managing Global Innovation” is written by the authors to pin point ten rules that the authors see crucial for a multinational company to manage its globally dispersed business units and still keep the innovative process going smoothly and efficiently. The authors list of the 10 rules is as follows,

1. Start small: invlolving all team members in a short term projects and easy to achieve in order to build it and to make all members ready for the big challenging project 2. Provide a stable organizational context: and thus avoiding employees feeling insecure and lose focus on the innovative process. 3. Assign Oversight and Support Responsibility to a Senior Manager: to avoid miscommunication, conflict, and stalemates over crucial decisions 4. Use Rigorous Project Management and Seasoned Project Leaders: to impose discipline, structure, and a shared sense of purpose across the locations. 5. Appoint a Lead Site: ensured prompt decision making and a project successfully delivered on time and on budget 6. Invest Time Defining The Innovation: so that everyone working on the project has the same understanding of the goals and their individual contributions to them. 7. Allocate Resources On the Basis of Capability, Not Availability: Teams are selected not because they are the best qualified but because they are available at the time , when resources became available elsewhere, this module was moved...
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