Oi 361 Week 1 Chapter 1 Reading Notes

Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Design Pages: 6 (983 words) Published: June 23, 2013
• Innovation
○ Innovation Definition - Innovation is Creativity + Successful Implementation
§ Creativity helps come up with ideas, innovation helps reap the benefits

○ Implementation - Made up of three aspects that allow timely and effective execution of projects
§ Idea Selection
§ Development
§ Commercialization

○ A few points on creativity
§ Idea generation is individual
§ Idea development and implementation is where team is needed
§ Creativity is relating a concept to a particular body of knowledge
§ Innovation research shows creativity
□ More people = more output
□ Creativity does not come from any single area within a company or by geography

○ Five Environmental Components Stimulate Creativity
§ Encouragement of Creativity - Open flow between org levels
§ Autonomy
§ Resources
§ Pressures
§ Organizational Impediments
□ Components are either stimulants or obstacles to creativity
□ Creativity relies on intrinsic motivation and inspiration

○ Three Modes of Responding to a Situation - Spontaneous, Hare, Tortoise
§ Spontaneous or Instinct = no conscious thought.
□ Used in situations where little time to assess situation exists
§ Hare brained or D-mode = conscious, deliberate, purposeful thinking.
□ Necessary for completing a task within a time frame: a preference for structure, the ability to plan and organize, to be in control.
§ Tortoise Mode = being different, thinking laterally, and making new connections
□ Tasks that are complex and fuzzy

○ Assessing Situations
§ Assessments are often based on familiar seeming patterns
§ New patterns are fitted to match known patterns rather than being acknowledged as being different

○ Cycling Worlds
§ Organizations need both: innovation and operation, and successful innovative organizations seem to manage to balance the tension between the two cycles without compromising either.

§ The first type of innovation is incremental and should be practised by the portion of the organisation that is focused on execution.
§ The second type of innovation is architectural or discontinuous, and should be attempted by a separate part of the organisation entirely dedicated to that more ambitious type of innovation.
§ Four categories of innovation
□ New to the world products
□ Line extensions
□ Me-too products
□ Product modifications
§ Disruptive, discontinuous, radical or incremental innovation
□ Disruptive innovation: ‘‘A technology, product or process that creeps up from below an existing business and threatens to displace it. Lower performing, less functional, much lower price.

§ Four other types of innovation include
□ Architectural Innovation
® Defines basic configuration of product or process
□ Market niche Innovation
® Opens new market opportunities using existing technology
□ Regular Innovation
® Change that builds on established tech and production
□ Revolutionary Innovation
® Disrupts and renders established technical and production competence obsolete

• Creativity
○ Origins of Creativity -
§ Five possible sources
□ Grace – this is the view that creativity comes through divine inspiration
□ Accident - Good fortune!
□ Association - Application of procedures from one area to another
□ Cognitive - Belief that creativity is nothing special but that it relies on normal cognitive process such as recognition, reasoning and understanding.
□ Personality - Creativity is seen as an intrinsic part of life
§ Creativity is not just something that happens to us, but that it is something that can be encouraged and perhaps even trained.
§ Creative people have the ability to formulate new problems rather than depending on others to define them.
§ They have the...
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