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Topics: Innovation, Change management, Management Pages: 14 (2599 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Turbulent Times and The Changing Work Place

• Today any organization face almost continual need for change sometimes even forces outside the organization bring changes ,

• These changes force compel managers to look for greater efficiencies in operations to keep the organization profitable

• Managers in organizations want to initiate major changes like improving employee-participation teams or introducing new products or instituting new training systems but they don't know how to make the change successful.


❖ Organization must embrace many types of change like develop improved products and services desired in the marketplace, implement new administrative systems and upgrade employees skills.

How important is the organizational change???

As today's student cant grew up without E-mail, digital camera and laptop computers .As companies that produce new products and services prosper, many companies are caught with outdated products and failed technologies.

So in general organizations that change successfully are both profitable and admired

So what is organizational Change?

It’s the adoption of new idea o behavior by an organization

We must know that product and service innovation is the primary key in which organizations adapt to changes

Changing things: new products and technologies

Competition is more intense than ever before and companies are driven by new innovation imperative. The past decades attention to efficiency is no longer enough to keep organizations successful in a new hypercompetitive environment therefore companies must innovate more and more quickly than ever.

What is product change?

Is a change in organizations product or service output.

And product and service innovation is the primary key in which organizations adapt to changes in markets, technology and competition. And we must know that product change is related in to changes in the technology of the organization.

So what is technology change??

Is the change in the organization's production process or in other words how the organization doses its work.

The technology changes are designed to make the production of a product or a service more efficient.

Innovation strategies for new products and technologies:

Exploration Cooperation


i. Exploration

*It’s the stage where the ideas for new products and technologies are born. Managers design the organization for exploration by establishing conditions that encourage creativity and allow new ideas to spring forth. Creativity "which refers to the generation of novel ideas that might be perceived needs or offer opportunities for the organization"

*the most creative companies embrace risk and encourage employees to excrement and make mistakes.

Like a manager in Intel used to throw a dinner party every month for the "failure of the month" demonstrating to people that failure was an inevitable and accepted part of risk taking

*Idea incubator: an idea incubator provides a safe harbor where ideas from employees throughout the company can be developed without interference from the company bureaucracy or politics. the great value of the internal incubator is that employee with a good idea has a specific place to go develop it rather than having to shop the idea to all the company and hope someone pays attention

The characteristics of creative people and organizations

|The creative individual |The creative organization or department | |1 . Conceptual fluency |1. Open channels of communication | |Open-mindedness |Contact with outside...
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