Marketing Design Course Review

Topics: Innovation, Marketing, New product development Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Critical reflective essay

If asked to describe the Marketing Design and Innovation module in just a short sentence, that would surely be: “ a course that change students’ way to look at everything around themselves”. More than a combination of theoretical concepts and diagrams, as matter of fact, this course has been a huge help to change our perspective when doing even the simplest daily routines. Today, at the end of the twelve-week-course, when looking at objects around me I don’t just see their colour or nice shape. I understand why they have that colour and that shape, and I wonder what technology or innovative element is hidden inside it.

It is hard for me to say which has been the best part of the course: lots of interesting topics have been touched: function of marketing and design, product licensing, some aspects of marketing communications, open innovation and product design. But the most stimulating for me was the lecture focused on what is design. When referring to “design” of a product, people always think of it just as aesthetical, tangible aspects of it. I have now learned it is much, much more. Design is the way to enhance the functionality of a product, or to cut costs, or to even solve relevant issues. Designers are not artists or very original people who are able to draw properly. They are a team of marketers, engineers, and people coming from lots of different backgrounds, so that every single aspect of a product or service to introduce in the market can be cured in the best way.

During the module, we have been watching- at home or in class- several videos on very interesting lectures by important designers or tutors, which have been useful and clear and have widened our way to think about design and products development. One in particular, Timothy Prestero’s “Design for people, not for award”, caught my full attention and showed me a different reason to design: help people fight against diseases. Before that lecture, I had never...
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