Check in Procedure

Topics: Breakfast, Cheque, Coffee Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: December 9, 2012

TOPIC: HANDLE GUEST CHECK-IN (Guest with Reservation)

Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist:Guest:Receptionist: | Good morning Sir/Madam. May I help you?Yes. I’ve booked a room for two nights and I would like to check in.May I have Could your name, please?Yes. It’s Smith, Alan smith..Ah yes, Mr. smith. We do have a booking for a Deluxe double until the 13th August.May I have your passport/ID, please?Yes. Here it is.Thank you Mr. Smith. Would you kindly fill in this Registration Card, please?(While waiting for the guest to fill up the registration card, prepare room key and meal voucher if room inclusive of breakfast)Here you are. I think I’ve filled it correctly.Yes. That’s fine Mr. Smith. How would like to settle your accounts upon check out Mr. Smith?I will be paying with my credit card.May I have your credit card for verification, please?Sure. Here you are.Here’s your credit card Mr. Smith.Let me confirm you details. You will be staying till the 13th, deluxe double room and the daily rate in RM250.00 nett inclusive of daily buffet breakfast. Breakfast is served from 6.30am to 10.30am at the Bayu Coffee House. May I know what is your departure time, Mr. Benjamin?I will be checking out around noontime.Just to let you inform, our check out time is at 12noon.Alright, I will be leaving by that time.Here is your key. Your room number will be 118 on the same floor (pointing the direction). And here’s your key holder with details of your booking on the front. You should carry it all times. You’ll need it as identification in the hotel’s cars and restaurant if you want drinks and meals to be charged to your account. Right. I’ll take a good care of that.How many pieces of luggage do you have Mr. Smith?Oh, I have two...
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