Business Software Solutions for Medium-Sized Grocery Stores

Topics: Inventory control system, Inventory, Point of sale Pages: 15 (4599 words) Published: March 19, 2013

A Study
Presented to the Faculty of
College of Computer Studies, AMA Computer College
Sta. Mesa Campus, Manila

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Benmar Mondia
Carlvin Musni

November 2012
The proponents give so much thanks to our Lord Jesus, for the ideas, strength, abilities, knowledge, materials and cooperation that he gave in achieving our study to a success.
The proponents thank their families for the financial support and mostly for the moral support that helps the proponents to accomplished the project
The proponents thank their friends for the support and encouragement that they gave us them and the proponents doing the project.
The proponents thank the faculty for the patient and knowledge they gave that we used in doing the project.
The proponents like to thankfully acknowledge Mr Abricam Tinga for the support, ideas and knowledge he shared and gave.
The proponents like to thankfully acknowledge also Ms. Jemma Lyn Abique for the books that we used as we doing the study. The proponents give thanks to our Dean Ms. Katherene Malvecino for approvals, giving words of wisdom and ideas praying for us. First we would like to thank Ms. Garciano, School Director of AMA Manila. Even though we didn’t hear any word of support because of her busyness, we already know that she really desires our success.

In our present days, technology is the main equipment in our daily lives. Computer, as always said, is very useful to man. It helps to ease difficulties of doing several jobs by its different uses. As the society increase and satisfactory also, uses and creation of more technologies are growing wide. In business firm, it is needed to have knowledge in this. Acquiring of such knowledge is the modern way of running a business.

Chapter 1

A grocery store gives service in selling human’s necessity. The business needs reliability on services that will give a big rate of productivity. A good type of system must be needed. Manual process is not accurate to use by this kind of business especially if medium size or a supermarket. Beside from exerting more human efforts it can also affect in business’ reliability. As the world progresses in technology the business also must develop in term of implementing system. The accurate and reliable type of system is what a business need. Without precise system convolution will be the main problem. Lack in some areas will occur. A complicated type of system will definitely lead to difficulties. Almost all now in industry has precise system. And it helps the business in leading to good service that results success. The owner of BJM Center Mart saw the need and had decided to convert the business from manual process to automatic process. BJM Center Mart is a medium sized grocery store located in Brgy. Ligaya, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. Even if the grocery store is not located in city, the system is decided to change for the benefits of the owner and the employees. System that is reliable, appropriate and user friendly is what the owner wants to be implemented. It will help the owner to gain success in leading the business.

Background of the study
Grocery is one of the businesses good to run. The owner supply different kind of foods and other necessities of individuals. And that is for the reason why some businessmen chose to build grocery store. There are some hindrances why a grocery not succeeding. Number one is lack of knowledge in business. And the other one is the right and truthful kind of system. Without a good process of the business system it can be run to downhill. There are some businessmen just want to establish grocery business for there own benefit. And didn’t realize that an inappropriate system will waste time and money for it will result in not...
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