Business Innovation and Creativity

Topics: Innovation, Creativity, Invention Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: December 27, 2012
For this assignment you are expected to choose an innovative organisation and investigate from the perspective of innovation and creativity. You are asked to produce a 2500word Individual case report assignment answering the following questions;

1)Outline the internal conditions that foster/hinder innovation within your chosen organisation or product. 2)Outline the external drivers and hindrances for innovation in relation to your chosen organisation (or product). 3)Examine and analyse the relevance of the role of networks, collaborations or alliances, in relation to your chosen organisation (or product), and discuss their role in promoting/hindering innovation.

Assignment Key Criteria:

The report should apply insights from the course in order to explain the conditions that foster or hinder the innovation and creativity in an organisation. The role played by technological innovation in the organisations competitive process or the different approaches to technological and market development of a particular invention or innovation past or present, should also be analysed.

Appendices should not be attached nor will any material outside the designated word count be assessed. Harvard referencing should be used throughout. You are not expected to include an executive summary.

Good students will be differentiated by considering their selection and usage of tools to analyse the broad environment (context) in which business operates. They will also have shown the skills required to differentiate between short and long term business influences and issues. Knowledge of core business concepts and models will have been demonstrated. Candidates will also be differentiated by their ability to integrate the proposal into a more cohesive provision, with the better candidates applying structure and logical progression to produce a more directed piece.
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